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My Little Puppet by E-Sane My Little Puppet :icone-sane:E-Sane 0 3 Three Spirits COMPLETED by E-Sane Three Spirits COMPLETED :icone-sane:E-Sane 0 0 Three Spirits WIP by E-Sane Three Spirits WIP :icone-sane:E-Sane 0 0 A True Hero by E-Sane A True Hero :icone-sane:E-Sane 2 1 Undertale Painting by E-Sane Undertale Painting :icone-sane:E-Sane 0 2
How Vasha met Ruslana
  It all started one sunny afternoon when Vasha was hungry. He'd been walking home from his summer job when his stomach begn to growl. So, of course, he looked around and went into the first open resturant he spotted. Inside, he slid into a booth. That's when be first really noticed her. Sure, he'd seen her around town a couple of times, but Vasha hadn't really talked to her before. But, here she was, an actual angel. All Vasha mnew about her was she didn't like it all that much when boys tried to court her.
  "Sir? Are you alright?"
  Vasha snapped out of his mind and looked up at the waiter  who'd come to help him.
  "Oh, yes. I'd like a cup of coffee."
  The waiter raised an eyebrow, "Are you sure that's all I can get you? One of our chefs makes some very good Sushki."
  "That sounds good," Vasha mumbled. Throughout this conversation, he hadn't taken his eyes off the woman with the wavy hair and the fierce eyes. He already knew that she had an ever
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Random Poetry
is Love
Moments of us
Moments that become Memories
Memories that stay within forever
Every moment stored away
Whole, yet Broken
That's our
is Pain
Pain becomes Numbness
Numbers brings about Lies
Lies eventually transform into Truths
Truth brings about Someone new
Someone steals Kisses
Kisses become
Everyone's gone
Fighting for nothing
You're not with me
But you were standing there
You're my friend, right?
Where are you?
Remember me?
You're dead
Yet, you're here
You're somehow still alive
I will rummage for you
Until you come back
I will struggle
Until you're
My love
I couldn't remember
They took you away
And now I have you
I remember every touch
Please be patient
I'm trying
Their tool
The anonymous Asset
They used my strength
You found me and smiled
You brought me back
You loved me
Your friend
Filling it
The hole within
I was a Monster
Why did you spare me?
You offered something valuable
A new l
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Indigo: Prolouge
 She didn't jump. She flew through the air. She was better than a Gold Medal Olympian. She was better than any gymnast that had ever existed.
 No one in earth knew who the hell she was. Only one person even knew what her voice sounded like. Hell, the only reason they knew she was a girl was by her near skin-tight wrappings around her chest.
 They did know what she wanted to be called, though. The one time she had ever spoke. She said her name was The Indigo Ninja. Most of them called her Indie. They also knew she was going to attempt to protect them. The day she failed was the day they all died.
 They trusted her with their lives. She was more secretive than Spiderman. At least he said something and showed up to get the Key to the City. Indie never accepted their thanks.
 Claimed that once she didn't need it. Their lives were enough, they guessed.
 She used a staff to move around and fight. Among other things in all those pouches of hers. Some think she mi
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Stucky: Birthday Wishes
A/N: Author is trash and tired. Author has run out of fucks to give, this is based on a post on Author's Tumblr, madamawesome444. Again, author is fucking trash.
Bucky had been driving around the police station for a while in a crappy car he'd bought for fourty bucks when he'd visited the rural part of New York a few weeks ago. He was going pretty slow, definitely slow enough for the police to see the torn up headlights. So, why was it taking so long for them to come get him?
He passed by one more time and was about to give up and drive away when he heard a tapping on his window. The long-haired man looked back and smiled at baby-blue eyes and blond hair. He stopped the car and rolled down the window.
"Hello, officer, what seems to be the problem?"
The man in blue smiled at him, "You realize you should replace those headlights?"
"I was gonna get my boyfriend's friend to do it next week."
"And your boyfriend's friend is...."
"Tony Stark, officer."
The officer nodded, "And why jot ask hi
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Science Bros: Patience Test
A/N: Once again, I decided to be a piece of trash and write shit when it's late. For some fucking reason. Enjoy!!
Bruce was minding his own business when  Tony walked up and started poking his cheek. Bruce mostly ignored it and kept on reading. Tony spent a minute doing this and left.
A few minutes later, he came back with a rolling chair. The billionaire picked the calmer one up and placed him in the chair and spun it. Bruce was starting to feel nauseous when Tony stopped the chair suddenly. Bruce was still reading his book. Tony cursed under his breath and left again. Bruce returned to his original spot on the windowsill.
It took fifteen minutes for Tony to return again. This time, he had a pen. And he used it to poke Bruce, making weird noises this time. Jesus Christ, was he trying to put people in danger? After half an hour of poking Bruce, Tony left once more.
The next time he returned, he brought nothing with him. Bruce glanced at Tony, who had that mischievous glint in his
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Stucky: Questions
A/N: I am writing this at half past midnight in my time, so I know it's terrible. I just wanted to be Stucky trash and write this piece of shit.
Steve had been looking for answers since he came out of the ice. He'd found some of them, but not all of them. His main question was, 'Why the hell am I looking for my best friend from the fourties, whom I watched die?' But, no one could really answer that for him. Sure, he'd read all the files, but he didn't accept their explanations. He thought of them as excuses.
So, now he was following a lead Sam thought was cold for answers. Of course, Sam had pretty much begged Steve not to do that, since it led him to a bad part of Brooklyn, but who the hell would wanna tangle with Captain America? I mean, c'mon, that's insane.
He jogged through the empty streets to an even emtpier part of the neighborhood, where the lead had told him to go to an abandoned cigar factory. He had no clue why Bucky'd be there, but didn't question it and snuck inside.
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Friends by E-Sane Friends :icone-sane:E-Sane 0 0
A large puddle of despair lied between me and a bright light. I looked into it and heard only cries of pain and hurt. The kind man behind me told me to jump in, but I was so scared. The man gently placed his large hand on my shoulder, “Don’t be afraid. I will be with you. My son is on the other side, and he will welcome you into the light.” I asked what’s in there. The man said he can’t tell me. I was still scared of the pit, but I wanted to reach the light so badly. So, I closed my eyes and let myself fall in.
Life was a puddle of despair. I walked through it and feel only hurt and pain. My father stands behind me, and I’m afraid. He bent down and whispered into my ear, “Be good
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Cat Nap by E-Sane Cat Nap :icone-sane:E-Sane 1 2 Meet Oreo!! by E-Sane Meet Oreo!! :icone-sane:E-Sane 1 5



I just deleted a bunch of old, cringey deviations. Not even gonna touch the journal section. Just... Please ignore it.
My Little Puppet
I had time today, so I doodled this little biscuit I dreamed up when I was six after watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit? for the first time. Her name is Rumi and that is her signature.
Basically, the story is she was drawn up by a crazy guy to be a murderer. No one knows she even exists. She had an axe she can summon at will and is very strong, which is surprising given she has the body of a small child. She also has what she considers an older sister, another toon named Poppy. In her world, toons do not have free will if they have no pupils, but they can have their own thoughts and emotions if they have color. Neither of them have pupils, but both were colored. Oh, and Tumi's name comes from Redrum.
Rumi was just a silly idea I had as a kid, but she's ready important to me as a writer and a casual artist. So, yeah.
Constructive Criticism is very welcome!! But, if you just say something like "she sucks", I will delete the comment! You have been warned.
Three Spirits COMPLETED
Me: Okay, the painting's done and dried.
My Stupidity: Wrap it
Me: Okay! *wraps it*
Rest of my Brain: wtf, you should've taken a picture of it first for DA, dummy
Me: Fucking hell
It looks bad and there are some unpainted spots, but I like how it turned out.
Again, photo taken via my cellphone, sorry for the quality!
A Christmas Carol © Disney
Three Spirits WIP
So, I'm working in a painting for my dad for Christmas based on one of his favorite books, A Christmas Carol.
I'm hoping to get it done either tonight or tomorrow. I don't know how it'll turn out, but I hope it's okay!!
Taken with my cellphone, so please excuse the bad quality
A Christmas Carol © Disney I think?? Either them or the author
A True Hero
I have to say, Undyne is my second favorite character from Undertale, and she's only second because Frisk exists!! I love her with my entire soul.
Anyways, this painting took 27 minutes, which is probably the second longest I've ever taken on a painting. Not even my anniversary painting took that long. Maybe it was all the shading and detailing I tried to do....
Anyway, I know it sucks, but I hope you like it!

Undyne © Toby Fox; how the fuck did he make the in-game models because DAMN
I'm so goddamm tired. Just, everything that's going on in my life right now is killing me. I wish I could turn back and slit my wrists the first time I got a fucking chance. God, life is horrible. I'm not just physically exhausted. It's mental and emotional as well. I can't keep distracting myself with games and movies and books and television and music. It's gonna end up destroying me.

Ha, what's new with that? Ugh, I feel so horrible. I'm the worst sister in the world. And I'm unattractive as hell. And lazy and just horrible as a person. God, fuck my life.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK


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